Universal Basic Income


Universal Basic Income. Finland implemented a trial in the beginning of 2017 with this radical change of the welfare system. A randomized group of 2000 unemployed Fins receives every month, unconditionally, an amount of 560 euro’s for two years. Our correspondent Liz talks to researcher Miska Simanainen who is conductor of the trial at social security organization Kela, and someone who won the lottery and receives a basic income. What is this trial trying to fix, and is it working?


Muraja is happy to tell us that in the mean while he found a permanent job, due to the fact that he had the peace and time to really look for something that suited him, without feeling the stress of the bureaucracy and paperwork of the old welfare system. The pilot will end in the beginning of 2019, then the Finnish government will recap and see what they will do with the gathered data and information.

Afbeelding: University of Bath, 2018

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