Sunglasses hiding a paternal instinct

Steffen Hesseldal

Steffen Hesseldal

Steffen Hesseldal, 28 years old, Copenhagen (Denmark) It was his last course of journalism and he wanted to travel abroad. After studying Economics for a year and getting bored with it, he decided to change his professional future. Actually, if you meet him for the first time, you will see the journalist prototype. Wearing sunglasses everywhere, which hide a worried look.

His main hobby, apart from going out and drinking beers, is golf and playing cards on the internet. However, for the moment he should spend his free time in Utrecht searching for some housing. Now he is a guest in Karoline’s house, but if he does not want to pass the winter in Utrecht’s parks he has to visit all housing agencies in the city. Then he won’t be able to say “I’m homeless” any more.

This Danish guy with blond hair likes clubs with sixties and seventies music, the perfect stuff to dance to while having a beer. Actually, he defines himself as “outgoing”. His dream is going to New York one day and why not find a good job related to communication field there. Nevertheless, those sunglasses hide much more than a tough boy.

Two little sisters of 17 and 21 years are going to miss their big brother. Steffen has a special relationship with his oldest sister; even they share some nights in the Danish clubs. Maybe he shows that paternal instinct with his European in the World classmates. Steffen is always leading the group and he likes to keep people together. He is the first on preparing a meeting in the afternoon to have a beer together and also on writing the hour and the place on Facebook to be sure that everyone will know it.